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What are the components of mitral valve apparatus?

Posted Nov 18 2008 12:10am

                                       The mitral valve is the most important cardiac valve as it’s competence is vital in clearing the blood from, left atrium to left ventricle. Any dysfunction in this valve can result in immediate raise in pulmonary capillary pressure.Mitral valve is  hemodynamically most active and stressed valve. Unlike aortic valve  it has  direct anatomical contact  with LV myocardium  (Through chordae & papillary muscle) any hence, disease of left ventriclar myocardium can have  direct and deleterious impact on this valve funtion.

What are the components of mitral valve apparatus ?

There are 7 components for mitral valve

5 Anatomical and 2 Physiological


1.Mitral annulus



4.Chordae tendinae

5.Papillary muscle


6.Left ventricular muscle

7.Posterior left atrial valve

8.*Some anatomist include a small portion of aorta also into mitral valve(Aorto mitral continuity)

  Natural verses artificial valve


How many components does a prosthetic mitral valve has ?

It would be a surprise to note it has only two . An annulus and  disks (Leaflet)

So one can imagine how an artificial valve can ever be compared with native mitral valve in terms of structure and function. No pap muscle, no chordae, no LV assistance !

Let us hope science catches up with nature . Already some developments are on , both in the valve design as well as surgical techniques .Chordal preservation and re attachement are being developed. We need to develop a modality where in LV contractility should be recruited to optimise  prosthetic mitral valve function.

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