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Today’s Teabag Wisdom - Keep Up

Posted Aug 23 2008 3:19pm


Keep Up.

Two little words with a whole lot of meaning. You’ve heard people say them all your life. Your parents would say “Keep up with your homework.” Teachers would say “Keep up with the class.” Your boss pokes his head into your cubicle and says “Keep up, we are on deadline.”

In this fast paced world, we are always trying to keep up. We are stressed out from working sixteen hour days, driving the kids to school, cleaning the house, cooking the meals. There never seems to be enough time to keep up.

Did you ever think that in order to keep up, you may need to slow down? A radical concept? Maybe. But let’s look at the concept on a deeper level. Instead of looking outward, let’s take a look inward.

Are we taking care of ourselves? Are we keeping up our own health by exercising, eating healthy foods, finding quiet time (even it’s its just 10 minutes) each and every day to be alone and meditate? Do we find the time to bring joy into our lives? Do we connect with family and friends and go on little adventures, even if it’s simply relaxing over a cup of tea?

For many years, I used to be my own task master. My day timer was scheduled from morning to night with tasks that I needed to do for others, neglecting the most important person – me.

Sometimes, I think God finally says enough and has to do something dramatic to wake us up. We are put on this earth to be of service to others, but did you ever stop to think that being your true self is the key? Each of us is unique and that uniqueness is what we bring to others. But if we spend all our time doing things for others, neglecting ourselves, we lose sight of who we are. Only by being quiet and taking time for ourselves and taking care of ourselves do we connect to our true nature. By keeping up with ourselves, we can be more open to give to others in a meaningful way.

One thing I’ve come to notice is that when I take care of myself first, I find the peace and serenity to do more for others than I did in the past. It’s a paradox, I know. Yet it’s true. So if you find yourself stress out, running from one event to the next, why not try keeping up with a little self-care. You may find you’ll be happier for it.

Have a happy day :-)

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