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Tips and Tricks on How to Get Rid of Fat

Posted Feb 13 2013 8:00am
As Women we tend to deposit fat in certain "spots" around our bodies. For some women it's the belly area, others it's the back of the arms, legs or back, and for many of us it is the hips and thighs. All of that dreaded unwanted fat seems to be attracted to those darn hips and thighs.

 If you are one of these women you may be thinking to yourself "I want to know how to get rid of fat thighs." Well my fellow big hipped ladies I am here to tell you that there is simply no such thing as spot reducing. If you want to know hat to get rid of fat thighs you need to learn how to get rid of fat all over the body.

Don't misunderstand me you CAN target specific muscles in the body by weight training, you can bulk up your arms for example or develop strong quads as a sprinter, but that is not what we are talking about here. We are talking about reducing fat, not building muscle. In order to lose fat you have to reduce your body fat percentage all over.

So the easy answer to how to get rid of fat thighs is lose weight all over. Which unfortunately for many of us "foodies" and couch potatoes means we need to get up off the couch, get moving, and of course change our eating habits.

I know, I hate when someone tells me that I am going to have to give up my favorites daily treats or fast foods. The reality is though that if your going to take control of your life, those extra pounds, and understand how to get rid of fat thighs your going to need to become an informed person.

For Example: Did you know that it takes 3500 additional calories to gain one pound.

Now that you understand what it takes to gain a pound you can take the steps to reduce that process and learn what it takes to lose those unwanted pounds.

Here is a quick way to calculate how many calories you need to MAINTAIN your current weight.


18 - 30 (Current weight in pounds / 2.2) x 14.7 then add 496

30 - 60 (current weight in pounds / 2.2) x  8.7 then add 829

61+  (current weight in pounds / 2.2) x 10.5 then add 596

What you need to do in order to begin losing weight is to subtract 500 from the number you got from above. You can do this by both reducing calories and incorporating exercise into your daily routine.

Learning how to get rid of stomach fat is actually a simple task. I know you may have tried to get rid of stomach fat in the past and not had the results you wanted, but anyone can get rid of unwanted fat once they are given the right advice. There is a lot of misinformation around which stops people from getting the results they want and wastes peoples time, but the advice you will read here is the most simple and practical advice you will find anywhere.

Regardless of what you may have read in the past, you do not need fancy diets or fancy exercise routines to get rid of stomach fat. You do need to accept that you will need discipline and focus, but once you see how fast the weight drops off you once you start to make the changes you need, this will be easy because you be inspired by the amazing results you are getting.

Lets get to important bit; To lose weight from any part of the body you need to adjust your diet. If you are overweight then you are not eating as well as you should be. You need to stop eating a couple of big meals each day and start eating 5 or 6 small, healthy meal. These meals should each contain protein, carbs and fat. The fat should be from healthy sources such as fish, not from cakes.

Now that you have changed your diet as recommended above, your metabolism will increase. You will have a constant stream of nutrients. You will feel energized and generally feel great. Now that you have made this important change, it is time to exercise.

You should exercise as often as possible. Every day if possible. Try to vary the exercise and find something you love to do. This will make exercise fun and help get rid of stomach fat.


Experiencing difficulty looking for a complete and accurate weight reduction guide, search no more. This article will lead you to the smartest and most successful actions to a healthier and sexier body. The Keys To Dramatic Weight Loss As opposed to other advices that focus only on a single part of dieting, this article will feature everything you have to know about weight reduction.

At the same time during this "famine response", the body 'burns up' existing muscle! Why? Muscle requires more calories to maintain than fat. weight loss and fat loss demystified If indeed a person is experiencing a famine, less muscle requiring less food to maintain it might be a good evolutionary survival strategy. But if a person is simply overweight and trying to loose fat this is NOT a good situation.

To loose weight is a general advice of doctors to their patients and of fitness gurus to their disciples, but this is as general an advice such as anyone can give. Specialist physicians, fitness experts and medical experts elaborate this a whole lot further and say that weight loss is important but weight loss in form of fat is of utmost importance.

NATURAL WEIGHT LOSS MADE EASY A healthy diet can supply your body with the vitamins and minerals it needs. Problems and disorders will almost certainly arise if your diet is not supplying your body with these essential elements.

Natural weight loss is best done gradually. Ideally weight reduction should be planned on a gradual, steady basis resulting in permanent loss and a stabilized weight. Unfortunately most overweight people think in terms of taking off x number of pounds for a special event or purpose in the shortest amount of time. This approach can seriously harm your health and lead to yo-yo dieting.

The key is to minimize the amount of high glycemic carbohydrates you take in at each meal. Easy and Fast Weight Loss Tips If you have a high glycemic carb in your meal make sure to include approximately double that amount of low glycemic carb. In that way you are able to control your insulin levels and hence your energy levels.

Most people believe that exercise needs to be a long and protracted effort, in order to work as a fat loss workout. The truth is that if you continue exercising when you are already fatigued, you will really not gain much out of it. Higher intensity and shorter duration weight loss workouts are a lot more effective, efficient and even practical as far as time constraints go. Fast Weight Loss Tips and How To Stay Healthy

Why Rapid Weight Loss Is Not Unhealthy Another myth which is ever so hard to avoid is that there is a 'one size fit all' approach for most weight loss programs. These weight loss regimes are prescribed regardless of age, weight, height, body mass index, blood pressure, and so on.

Tips to Lose Weight Naturally Remember there are good and bad fats. Your body requires fat to ensure certain enzymes work properly in the body. Cook with good oils like cold pressed virgin olive oil and coconut oil. Other oils can change into trans fats at high temperatures polluting the body and making it store more fat.

Every day take steps that bolster your positive attitude about your body, your life, your ability to lose weight. Focus on your loveable qualities-believing you are a loving and loveable being is a key component to allowing your weight loss success. Commit to making one small change. Make it something you can easily do...and keep that promise to yourself for at least a week before you make another promise. 
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