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The up-side to having a stomach bug

Posted Oct 03 2008 11:32am

I  finally made my way back to gym this week after being away for 2 weeks, fully hoping that my blood pressure would have sorted itself out.

The water was quite nice, but I could still only manage 300m in the pool which I guess isn’t too bad considering being off for 2 weeks with the nasty stomach bug followed by a grotty cold. My legs did feel like jelly though - I was glad to just float at the edge of the pool for a few minutes to recover!

I got a big surprise when I hopped on the scales though - I now weigh in at 95.2kg! That’s a full 3.5kgs lighter than 2 weeks ago! Maybe I should start marketing stomach bugs as “ the ultimate weight-loss solution “. ;-)

My blood pressure reading after getting showered & changed was sitting at 96/65 which I could feel - that “whoops-I’ve-overdone-it!” woozy feeling arrived as I was taking my reading. Psycho-sematic perhaps?

I’ll swing past the clinic next weekend for another “official” blood pressure reading & we’ll see if things are still looking ok. Fingers crossed!

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