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The “not so” benign chiary network

Posted Jul 05 2009 9:46pm

It is the  embryological remnant within right atrium  often observed as , mobile strands within RA extending fromIVC orifice to IAS. Some  times  it is difficult  to differentiate from eustachian valve  of IVC.The network is formed by collagenous material  and mimic valvular tissue

chiary network echo


2% of general population . ( Means 10 crore persons  in our world ! )

What is considered  a benign echocardiographic observation for long  ,  may not be innocuous  . It  can predispose to certain clinical events , although rare.

  1. Mistaken for right atrial mass
  2. May produce  innocent murmur
  3. Catheter entrapment within RA
  4. Infective endocarditis of the network , and tricuspid valve
  5. Abnormal P waves and trigger for  atrial tachycardia
  6. Disrupted chiary network  prolapsing into RV
  7. Associated  foramen ovale  may induce  streaming  .This maintains  an embryonic right atrial flow pattern into adult life and directing the blood from the inferior vena  cava preferentially toward the interatrial septum


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