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The “must read” books on Intra-operative transesophageal echo and mitral valve repair !

Posted Sep 07 2010 10:01am

Mitral valve can be termed as  the most important valve of heart . The reason  for this  : It is the only valve that is dependent on the  Left ventricular function (The  parameter  which   determines the  ultimate outcome in any form CAD ! )

So , indirectly mitral valve function will invariably be affected by some degree  at least in  most  patients with LV dysfunction. (After all LV free wall , is a component of mitral valve apparatus.)

While , we have numerous modalities to assess mitral valve function  ,  the one that has fascinated the surgeons during  mitral  valve surgery is the intra operative TEE.

Many believe TEE provides live  images  of mitral valve   which are not possible  even under  direct vision ! The eye of the  TEE sees the mitral valve  from a  posterior location , (of -course It can see at any angle !)   while surgeon can see in one angle . The  types of repair , the adequacy  of repair, the annulus status,  even a trial mitral run ,  can be done with the help of TEE.

The TEE probe silently does  this job sitting inside the esophagus   , without  obstructing the surgeon’s operative field .

The success of TEE as an investigative tool did not come easy.Decades of  observation , innovation and learning( Especially from  department of cardiac science  Mayo clinic USA , where they standardized the views. )  are involved .

Now we have omni plane, real time 3D TEE probes .

The books  which are  considered the best for  TEE aspects of mitral valve  and it’s  repair are

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