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Tele-Medicine or Tele-Monitoring for Patients' Home Use Monitors.

Posted Apr 27 2010 7:27am


Tele-Medicine or Tele-Monitoring for Patients' Home Use Monitors.


Up until recently, transmitting data, such as blood pressure, to a doctor's office, hospital,

a visiting nurses service or a clinical trial center was unthinkable. New technologies, like Bluetooth and the Continua System, now render this possible, with welcome added benefits: these may help provide a more complete and better assessment of the monitored variable.


For example, if, as a patient, you went only once every three or six months to your doctor's office to have your blood pressure taken, you get only one the reading from that one moment in time. Because blood pressure can vary a lot from instant to the other, the assessment is crude. However, if you monitor your blood pressure regularly at home, or anywhere, with a personal monitor that is capable of transmitting data to an access point and then to your health care professional (Doctor), he/she will get a a detailed report that includes up to, say, two hundred measurements for a three month period. The assessment the becomes much more reliable and enables your doctor to customize a better treatment for you. The improved accuracy provided by these communications-enabled blood pressure monitors will be welcomed by all concerned parties: patients, physicians, visiting nurses, and clinical trials centers.


Those new systems are very simple to operate. First, simply install Bluetooth or Continua-based technology on your computer (easy to do), then measure your blood pressure regularly as usual. The monitor or measuring device will transmit the data to your computer which in turn will transfer it to your doctor or a data center.


One can assume that other types of devices for a patient's home use like glucose meters, cholesterol and coagulation testers will soon appear and be enabled with this technology. The ones now on the market are surprisingly affordable and represent a better choice on account of the improved quality or accuracy of the assessment. Looks like tele-medicine or tele-monitoring is not a thing of the future but a thing of the present.


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