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Stem Cell Treatment - How Stem Cell Treatment is Revolutionizing Medicine

Posted Jul 07 2011 6:01am
Stem cell research Mexico

Seeking stem cell treatment abroad has been gaining a lot of media attention in recent years. In this type of therapy, cells generated from human brain stems are used to treat a variety of degenerative illnesses. Some of the illnesses where this therapy has been used include ALS, autism, cerebral palsy, Parkinson's and severe spinal cord injuries. The therapy has been somewhat controversial at times, due to some stem cells being harvested from embryos. Recent developments have made stem cells that come from adults easier in use in new treatments. These new treatments have shown a lot of promise.

Stem cell therapy abroad is currently performed in several countries, including China and Mexico. There are several clinical trials going on in the United States that use stem cell treatments, with many of them in the third phase. Most trials involving stem cells in the United States use embryonic stem cells. Several clinics that operate overseas often use adult stem cells. It's thought that an increase in the use of adult stem cells will lead to better reception towards this treatment.

With regards to stem cell research Mexico has become a leader in the field of stem cell technology. Stem cell treatment allows patients to be seen by board-certified physicians who specialize in degenerative diseases. The larger hospitals that perform these treatments have specialists for every major area of medicine. Most hospitals use adult stem cells, which considerably decreases the risk of rejection issues. The treatments that are available utilize the most up-to-date technology, allowing patients to enjoy easier, more comfortable treatments. Some of the diseases that have been successfully treated in Mexican hospitals include congestive heart failure, liver failure, renal failure, and cerebral palsy.

Many people are curious about exactly how these cutting-edge Mexico stem cell therapy work. They work according to what's known as regenerative medicine. When cells are specially created, they help supplement the body's natural healing process. It's hoped that regular use of treatments that use stem cells will allow more ailments to be treated without surgery or other invasive procedures. This could be convenient for patients who are not candidates for surgery due to heart or respiratory issues. Another advantage of using stem cells is that any wounds or injuries can heal without a lot of scarring. Many doctors expect to be able to use this technology to create new organs for patients who require life-saving transplants. For additional information, please visit to learn more.

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