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Some mistakes of weight loss

Posted Aug 05 2014 3:30am

1.Weight loss should completely away from red meat?
Do not. Because red meat is an important source of protein and iron. Although red meat with fat and cholesterol is slightly higher, but there are advantages, but also delicious.
Decryption: Choose lean meat to eat, such as beef tenderloin, sirloin, especially lean ground beef - make fat removed. Portion control is the key, it is recommended to try to reduce the intake of red meat once every week and a half.

2.Calories have good or bad?
We should know: A calorie is a calorie counting unit (Translator's Note: It is defined as 1 gram of water rises at a standard atmospheric pressure of 1 degree Celsius heat needed). The reason why people gain weight because of the calories we consume more than we consume. However, not all carbohydrates are the same. After the poor quality carbohydrates (refined simple sugars) into the body quickly digested, absorbed into the blood going. When blood sugar is too high, the excess sugar will be stored as fat. And quality of carbohydrates in the fibers help slow down the rate of digestion of sugar, blood sugar levels, so that a longer time until the excess body fat to sugar into the calories consumed.

3.Do not eat after eight pm?
Is not. Cause not your time you eat fat, but what you eat, how much to eat. The reason why some diet recipes will suggest you in advance for dinner, do not eat eaten something else, because some people (especially those who eat a meal during the day and people) is easy to over-eating in the evening. If you find yourself eating Shoubu Zhu at dinner, most likely during the day because you do not get enough quality calories.

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