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Sick with a stomach bug

Posted Oct 03 2008 11:32am

I’ve been “man down!” for a week! The stomach bug which I thought I had cleverly dodged got me on Sunday, a week back.

I woke up feeling very tired and sore and spent the whole morning on the couch thinking that it had just been one too many late nights in a row behind the PC.

After lunch not feeling better, my wife took me off to the doc. I don’t like going to the doctor on the weekends, they always have locums on duty who I don’t trust - I mean, if they were that good, surely they would be there during the week too? (Call me crazy…)

The doctor completed a check up - where my blood pressure was sitting at 140/80 (not too bad!) - and said he could find nothing at all wrong with me and said that perhaps I was incubating a virus and if I developed a fever, etc, etc…

That night it hit me, and hard! I’m sure you’ve also experienced this at one stage or the other in your life - sitting on the toilet, clinging to the bucket on your lap, both ends in action!

To cut a long story short, it took a week of staying in bed, eating toast and bananas, drinking rehydration formula and copious amounts of fluids and another visit to the doc (where my blood pressure was at 120/69!) and a dose of antibiotics to get back to a semblance of normality!

Man, that was NOT fun. I am curious though as to why my blood pressure was sitting at a pretty decent level? Was it because of the virus? Was it all the bed rest? The early nights? I’ve got to do some more research…

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