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Should I be still worried about chest discomfort even if the EKG came back normal?

Posted by kstrauch

For the past few months I have had mild chest discomfort, but I have a hard time pinpointing whether the pain comes from deep in my back behind my heart, or if it's actually heart/chest pain. I was in the ER a few weeks ago and they said the EKG was normal, but Im still having fairly constant discomfort. Im only 21 and exercise frequently and eat healthy. Am I just worried about nothing or is there a chance the EKG isn't revealing something crucial?
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An EKG shows the electrical activity of the heart.  The doctor looks for any heart rhythm problems, abnormalities of the electrical system and any changes that might indicate a new or previous heart attack.  Since you're young, active and eat healthy, it's highly unlikely that you have coronary disease.  However, you might check back with your doctor if the chest discomfort continues.  An ultrasound of the heart (Echocardiogram) might be helpful to check for a few other conditions that would be more likely. 

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