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Should I be concerned with my increased heart rate, could this be anxiety?

Posted by BRASMIA

My heart rate is between 80's to 100 that depends on how anxious I am, but usually it is 66 at wake up time and between 70's and 80's I have noticed the increase since a week, I have had some sore throat, that still seems to be a little sore and a cold that have not gonne away completely, also I have had a lot of stress the past week, could this be the cause of my increased heart rate, should I be concerned? I am a 42yo male, 184 work out regulary eat well, no smoke or drink. Blood pressure is good, Unless I get a panic attack then it will go up and go down as soon as I realize all it is happening is a pnick attack, but I am a bit worry now about my heart rate.
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