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sharp pain near heart and numbness in left elbow and left pinky finger

Posted by doodlebug

I have been having pain (randomly) in the area of my heart.. It is a very sharp pain, my breathing gets thrown off while having such pain.  My left elbow feels numb and my left pinky, and sometimes my left ring finger go numb.  What could this mean? I am only 22 so it is not a heart attack. This has been happening over the last few months, so much so that I have began to keep a record of when it happens.  The last time it happened was October 29th from 1pm until 4:30(the pain stopped for about two hours)... I have yet to go to the doctor because I did not have health insuranace, I have since signed up for it and am waiting for my card to come in the mail.

 I am worried that maybe it is a blood clot? I am not sure how often I would be getting this pain if it was a blood clot, I am only thinking it might be a clot because the birth control that I just stopped taking after 7 years is apparently famous for causing blood clots.

Please help!

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