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Prevent SCD with SCD ! (Subcutaneous defibrillation ) : Simplifying the concept of ICD !

Posted Sep 14 2010 6:25am

Implantable cardiovertor defibrillator(ICD)  is one of the major revolution in cardiology practice  that happened last century. We know , the number one killer of mankind is the ventricular fibrillation induced by acute or chronic CAD.

In the  later half of 20th century we  learnt  that , the only way to prevent a sudden cardiac death is the defibrillating   the  heart as soon as the deadly killer arrhythmia strikes !

Whenever cardiac arrest happens  in  a susceptible population , following  things are possible.

  • Call 911 /108  start CPR .
  • Have  Automatic external defibrillator AED at home
  • ICD implantation -Percutaneous trans-venous approach

And now new mode of defibrillation

Transvenous implantation  becomes  technically complex in many  .Abandoning the procedure  or using subcutaneous pads are necessary in few . Then , this question was asked

Why not the entire ICD implantation be in  subcutaneous plane ?

Yes , it is possible . After all , current can reach the  place where  it is needed ,  irrespective of the site it is delivered. The aim of this technique is to  simplify the ICD implantation  , so that it can be practiced in a wider clinical set up Preliminary  results  of subcutaneous ICD are available and was published  recently in NEJM.

The issues that need to be tackled are

  • Amount of energy required
  • Battery life

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