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Plantar fascitis/heel spurs related to a 15 yr hx of calf tightness/chest pain and recent abnormal ECG?

Posted by sheri369


(I'm a 32-year old female). I left for the U.S. on Sat. to do x-mas shopping and walked the malls and stores for ~8hrs/day. Following the 2nd day of shopping, I could barely step down out of the truck as the bottom of my heels were so painful. Even with sitting and lying down at the hotel, the pain did not subside. I shopped with this pain for 2 more days (was crying at the end of each day) and today, back at work, the pain is still significant, again, even as I sit on my couch at home. Before the pain began in my heels, I found the cluster of lumps along the inner soles of my feet. Also,  the white lumps on the back of my heels (that I have had forever) have become larger; thus I diagnosed myself with plantar fascitis, without the pain. Now, it seems obvious that this is what it is with all the heel pain.


I have an ~15 year history of calf tightness/numbness that is worse with climbing stairs but never had this checked out but have yearly physicals with all bloodwork done (healthy). I am not a runner or an athlete. Today, I have pain in my right calf with the heel pain and am starting to get worried.


in 2006, I went into emerg. for what I thought was an asthma attack (chest heaviness, SOB), only to figure out that my O2 was normal but my ECG was abnormal with ST depression. I followed up with a stress test (normal) and myocardial perfusion test and it stated that I had a "small fixed mid anterior wall defect that was likely due to attenuation effects (thus probably just breast tissue)." I had many ECG's when I was in my teens because of chest pain and asthma and they were always normal. Within the last 2 years, I have had 4 abdominal surgeries (reproductive organ problems) and 1 knee scope last year (small tissue impingement from simply kneeling down one day and hearing a loud pop). My ECG's remain abnormal and I have always been in tachycardia since I was young (~105-110). My BP has always been perfect as well as my cholesterol. Since my last major surgery (hysterectomy), I have put on ~20 lbs but am not obese or anything like that (just heavier than normal). I do not have sig. swelling but for many years have had swelling in my ankles that I only realize when I remove my socks and see the deep indents. My fingers often swell also and my Ob-GYN gave me lasix a couple years ago and said it was all from retaining water during my menses (but now, I don't have a cycle anymore!).  


I am worried that the issue with my calf tighness/pain may have evolved into this recent heel pain as well as with the recent abnormal ECG's. My GP says my heart is fine and that I have nothing to worry about but have never had time to discuss my calf tightness history with him. He says all of my chest pain throughout the years has been due to asthma. Does anyone have any suggestions or think this is even cardiac related? Do I just let this plantar fascitis play out with hot/cold/massaging therapies first? I went and bought Dr. Scholls orthotics for plantar fascitis/heel spurs today. Does anyone think my calf issue is vascular (PVD)?

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