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Pain Pain more Pain –and Pills

Posted Feb 01 2010 12:00am

I’ve been purposely barreling through my pain and forcing myself to “show up” and do stuff.  On Saturday night I had plans so I took a couple of Tramadol and off I went.  I paid for that yesterday when I was prisoner to muscle aches and a completely sore body.

It’s gotten to that point now, the point where I am so incredibly frustrated I just want to take a pill to make it go away.  I don’t want to think about things anymore.  My newest Rheumatologist (the one I seem to like so far) has me on this therapy he believes helps this type of pain (a pain he says is common to Fibrolmyalgia patients).  He prescribed me Flexeril, a muscle relaxer, and told me to take one per night for two weeks straight.  He said that there have been great results for people who take it for two weeks straight rather than just as needed.  The problem with this is I am completely knocked on my butt when I take one of these things.  Forget about doing anything the next day… groggy isn’t even the word.  I haven’t been able to take it two nights in a row yet I couldn’t imagine going two weeks!  I took one half last night and my alarm went on snooze for three hours today.  I finally was able to get out of bed around 3pm with a lot of pushing from T.  Cranky, groggy… I can’t even tell if it’s working because I feel so BLAH.  I definitely cannot take another one tonight because I have two appointments tomorrow.

I’m not sure what to do.  I don’t want to take steroids (not sure they’d help with this pain anyway), I usually don’t like taking a bunch of painkillers, etc.  but this pain just gets to a point where you feel super CRAZY.  You’re totally on edge, everything irritates you. I am quite unpleasant to be around probably.  When it gets unbearably bad I take Dilaudid but I usually stay away because that is a no joke highly addictive opiate and I do not need another problem.  Plus, I need the little supply I have on hand in the event that I have one of those bad stomach attacks.  Anything to avoid the ER…

Osteopath tomorrow.  I usually feel a lot better after a visit with him.  Looking forward to some relief.

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