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Pain on left side of his chest, shoulder and arm, after open heart surgery

Posted by jtborrou

My husband who was 46 at the time, had open heart surgery 10 months ago resulting in a double bypass. He had a blood clot in his lung the day after he was released, a few weeks later he was back in the hospital he had fluid in the heart sack, 2 liters. His problem that has been existing since his surgery is the left side of his chest, shoulder and arm is hurting constantly he has very limited movement of any kind. He has been to the pulmonary doctor and breathing test have been positive. He has went to a pain management clinic and has received 2 injections within the past 3 months, it takes the pain away for a day, they have recommended a neurosurgeon. The only other possible problem could be the top wire which held his chest together has broken, would this cause the pain, sensitivity and the limited movement of his arm? We don't know what else to do. His heart surgeon would like to take the wires out, but my husband is to the point were he doesn't want anyone touching it. What would be your advise?

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