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Pain, neck and under chin pain, also arm pain

Posted by quorqi

I have pain on both sides of my neck, under the jawline and a little under my chin.  I also have what I think is a swollen gland on the back of my head and the base.  just one side though.  I have also been experiencing irregular heartbeat that lasts for days, erratic high blood pressure.  I have high cholesterol, I am about 40 pounds overweight, a pretty big wine drinker and recently quit smoking after years of social smoking.  I am  going to be 40 this week.  I have just been given a script for my HBP and I am supposed to see a cardiologist for a heart monitor. I have had a thyroid test but it comes back negative.  My mom is having thyroid problems as well.  I am also really short of breathe, even walking up the stairs and I am extremely fatigued.  I also every once in a while in the last month, have had a pain in the underside of my left arm.  I am also the mom of three little kids so I am very worried that something is wrong with me.  I know, I am kind of a mess.

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