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Pain in my chest and right shoulder that has come and gone for two weeks now...I get reall tired really easy

Posted by macbaby

I am 24 years old…. I have been having a deep aching pain in my right shoulder and arm. Sometimes my left arm/ shoulder ache also… but it’s my right one that has not been getting better it seems…. It makes it hard to breathe sometimes…. Even pain medications don’t help…I went to the ER they took EX rays and an EKG and said everything looks ok… but the pain is still there no matter what or which way I move my arm….I don’t know what is wrong… I do know I have a high level of stress in my life with my hyper active aggressive slightly autistic 5 year old son who is aggressive… I don’t know nothing showed up on   the EKG could it be my heart??

Also I have been having stomach problems for a couple weeks now…It feels like gas in my stomach that will not pass it hurts so bad that my left and right shoulders and my chest ache BAD! Sometimes after I take gas meds it stops it has just gotten worse…its every day and mornings now…and my right shoulder still hurts… and input is greatly appreciated…thank you

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Sounds like it's not your heart.  Other things I'd be focusing on would be mental health (e.g. stress/anxiety) and gastrointestinal reflux disease.
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