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One more cause for Q waves without Infarct !

Posted Jan 31 2013 12:00am

We know q waves are not synonymous with Infarct . It just represents electrical activity going away from the electrode.This is why it can occur  even in physiologically in many leads.

Non  infarct Q wave can be recorded with

  • LVH
  • Fibrosis
  • Fluid/Air in beneath  the recording lead
  • Thick chest wall/pericardium (More often Poor  R wave )

rv cavity potential in inferior leads mimicking inferior mi q in

When a chamber enlarges (Any chamber )  it is  brought near the chest wall the electrode may pick up the intra cavity potential that is recorded as q waves .

(The q wave in V5-V6 in severe volume overload of LV may represent LV cavity potential )

Similarly qR complex in severe RV  enlargement  in V1 represent RA cavity potential.Right ventricle is anatomically a difficult chamber to understand. It is located anterior below the sternum  the inferior and posterior aspect of the RV  is facing the diapharagmatic  surface

copd ra rv enlargement mimic inferior mi q waves in 2 3 avf differential diagnosis

In huge RV enlargement , RV cavity potential or( even RA )  can be picked up by limb leads . While cavity potential is well picked up by unipolar pre-cadial leads , it is uncommon for limb lead  record  intracavitory  potential. However  this patient , who was diagnosed  as inferior MI by a  resident ,  turned out to be a clear case of severe  pulmonary hypertension due to  COPD .

Final  message

One  more differential diagnosis for  inferior MI in ECG  exists. A grossly dilated RA, RV due to COPD  with  severe  pulmonary hypertension.

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