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One Long Month

Posted Jul 14 2009 12:00am

A month ago today we lost Mason, and it still seems like it was yesterday. The pain isn't as unbearable as it was that first week. But I still miss him like crazy. I still see his picture sometimes, and my brain just can't comprehend that I won't be talking to him anymore. And that brings me to tears. It's getting better, but I know it's going to take time.

I'm still trying to keep myself busy. I went back to rehab today, which was a little brutal since I hadn't exercised in a week. I didn't bother going while Lisa was in town last week. I have to pay for another 8 sessions very soon, but unfortunately just don't have the money this month to do it. So I went today, but I won't go Thursday. I'll do the same next week. And if I have to, I just won't go for another week. I can exercise at home, which is good. I just can't give up the rehab because I KNOW myself. I won't exercise at home regularly!!

My hope chest is done, except for the brass pieces that need to be screwed back on. Unfortunately, when my dad was trying to take one of the screws out, it broke, so there is a piece of screw in the hope chest. He's been trying to figure out how to get it out of there without completely ruining it. I think he was working on it last night. I'm not sure what the outcome was, and I'm afraid to call. lol I just can't wait to have it, though. It should be very, very soon!!

I set up Skype on my laptop and my mom's computer, so we can call each other and use the webcams! Lisa and Brandon have a webcam, and Mandy and Ron do, too. So hopefully we'll be able to talk to Lisa and see the baby more! I did talk to her for a bit last night, and she kept putting the baby right up to the camera. It was funny! I miss them already, though. I wish they were just a bit closer. It would be easier to be able to visit more if she wasn't 14 hours away by car.

I'm trying to think to hard of what to write, so I better get off here before I start with gibberish!!

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