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ONCE . . . People Stop Grains

Posted Jan 23 2009 3:47pm
It's not that h-a-r-d actually...

Many people I know give up g-r-**-**-n-s...

Who? Those at TYP...those at Crossfit...reader's of this blog and others of the emerging HAWT new Paleo community...

Some of my faves:
Conditioning Research (Chris H., YOU R-O-C-K, ur #1)
Free the Animal (the 'other' transformed animal...who shares untainted fairy stories and delish food...uuummm...p**rn)
Darwin's Table (transformation...more great food...uuummmm... p**rn)
Asclepius...Feed Your Mind, Grow Your Soul, Work Your Body (god of healing and medicine *luv that name*)
Open Water: Fitness…Science…Fun…Adventure
Robb Wolf
(and... of course... many many others!!)

Paleo is so

Quitting grains is not just Paleo -- it's the quickest way to a quality life!

What's the Paleo prescription?

Rx: Movement/play/slumber
Rx: Whole veggies, seafood/meat, good fats, seeds/nuts, minimal fruit; feast/fast
Rx: Ancestral vitamin D and EPA DHA levels (Calcidiol [25(OH)D]=70 ng/ml; cod/fish oil to optimization of brain, 5 senses, muscle/heart function)

ONCE people stop grains (primarily wheat) they notice many changes and improvements. To say they undergo a restorative transformation is an understatement. Studies like the FUNGENUT show that wheat and high carb foods like white potatoes trigger a state of chaos and stressful derangements in our bodies (high insulin, high MMPs, high gene expression of 'death' genes).

The promotion of whole grains in the U.S. for 'wholesome' health is simply ridiculously whole cr**p (I'll try to keep it G-rated today *wink*).

Here is what happens when people stop those 'd*mn dirty grains'...Degree of improvement depends on degree of compliance with cessation of wheat... 6-12 months for perceptible permutations. Patience and persistence pays...

ONCE people stop grains...they're IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) eternally ends (essentially, cured of cramping/bloating/constipation) unless re-challenged

ONCE people stop grains...they report their aching knees stop knocking

ONCE people stop grains...their skin glows and ACNE

ONCE people stop grains...I notice their waistline starts to SEXY...many other things... uummm emerge too

ONCE people stop grains...WEIGHT LOSS BECOMES SUPERFLUOUS...easily attained 10 lbs per month

ONCE people stop grains...I notice their thoughts become thoughtful..lucid again

ONCE people stop grains...they can stop 200 units of insulin and/or other diabetes medications and/or their hypertensive medications and/or their gout medications

ONCE people stop grains...all report their skin tags fall off or stop appearing

ONCE people stop grains...the males' ED (erectile dysfunction) reverses...they're uummm... erected... well... sometimes... (Arg and Pycnogenol help greatly to speed this restoration up; see HERE and HERE )

ONCE people stop grains...their PSA (prostate antigen test) plummets (in parallel, Prostate Cancer risks reduce too)

Other link loves, courtesy of
'ONCE in a Lifetime'
-----Version I: G-rated, Enigma-Gregorian
-----Version II: NAWT G-rated... nsfw...Princessa
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