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numbness on right side of right leg?

Posted by harpos

My numbness on the right side of my right leg started about a month ago. It started out with a small amount of numbness. I found that if I slept on my right side is when it would start. Then I noticed it would feel numb if I slept partially on my back tilted towards y right. Now it's gone to my whole right side and has moved down to the front of my thigh. As I'm sitting here typing I can feel some sensation on my right side about 5 inches below my waistline and the numbness travels down around to my right side of my thigh. It is not numb all day long. Usually I can feel it when I wake up in the morning, start out for a walk, then I can feel it travel down into my right foot. By the time I get home I have forgotten about it. I don't notice it too much through the day if I'm up and about.
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