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Norwegian Phrases

Posted Nov 15 2010 12:31am
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If you come from a Norwegian background, I'm sure you’ve heard the phrase uff da.  It’s an expression that tends to express annoyance. 

For example, if you stub your toe the phrase uff da might come out of your mouth.  Or if you hear something distasteful about someone, you say uff da.

I remember hearing other Norwegian phrases growing up. 

“Nei da” and “fy da” were a few of them.  I won’t shock you with how my family defined these phrases but it usually had to do with something that was unbelievable.

My paternal grandmother used another Norwegian phrase and it was "pssta Henry".
My dad, Grandpa, Aunt Ruth, Nana
My Nana never learned to drive after moving from Norway to the US.  After all, she settled in Brooklyn and cars weren’t really needed for transportation. 

But whenever my grandfather was driving, Nana had her own set of brakes on the passenger side of the car.  When she thought my grandfather should be applying his brakes more quickly, she simply helped him out as she warned “pssta Henry”.

Cousin Hilde's dog
I was taught many other Norwegian phrases while growing up.
  • "Takk for maten" means ...thank you for the food.
  • "Kan du snakke norsk" means ...can you speak Norwegian?
However, I'm so thankful for Google Translate .  I've been able to communicate easily with many of my Norwegian relatives on Facebook.  It's been such a gfun experience for me.

Are there any other Norwegian Americans out there?  Do you have any favorite expressions that you still use?

Blessings and love,

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