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No Trans Fat Is Allowed In All New York Restaurants!

Posted Jul 29 2008 8:20am
Trans fat has been classified as bad stuff that not only increases LDL (bad cholesterol) but also reduces HDL (good cholesterol). People with such pattern of cholesterol level are at higher risk of heart disease, and several other medical ailments.

Foods with trans fat can be found almost everywhere. Besides candy, noodles, cookies, chips, there are hundreds of other processed products available in supermarket do contain trans fat in different amounts. Despite its unhealthy nature, most foods with trans fat are favored by both children and adults.

On July 1, 2008, the artificial trans fat can no longer be presented in the menu in New York restaurants. In this way, the authorities in New York help remove a major cause of heart disease from their residents’ diets.

Last year, the authorities had already banned all restaurants from using frying oil and spreads containing trans fats. Now, the restriction will apply to all types of food, including the fat used by bakers and pastry chefs.

For all foods served, including baked goods, oils, shortenings and margarine used for baking, and pre-prepared items, the amount of artificial trans fat, must not be more than 0.5 grams of trans fat per serving. However, foods served in the manufacturer's original, sealed packaging, such as candy and crackers, can still be exempted for the time being.

According to the health department in New York, there was widespread acceptance of its last year's ban, with more than 98 percent of inspected restaurants were in compliance as at June 2008. Many restaurants had gone even further to voluntarily cut down the amount of saturated fat.

As confessed by the owner of one of the restaurants in New York, the transition he made 7 months ago by cooking his patties and baked goods with replacement shortenings has hurt neither the products nor his business. Meanwhile, he feels happy that the move is healthier for his customers.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has pointed out that trans fat, which is made by adding hydrogen to vegetable oil. This increases "bad" cholesterol levels, raising the risk of coronary heart disease.

New York was the first city in the United States to start banning trans fats in restaurants, followed by Philadelphia last year.
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