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Posted Jun 28 2010 6:19pm

I was thrown into the clutches of heart disease from the age of 12 when my grandfather died of a heart attack.  My family was devastated by the loss but our unhealthy lifestyle continued.  It wasn't until my father had a heart attack himself at the age of 47 that we all began to take a closer look at lifestyle modification.  By then, it was clear that heart disease was out to get us!  No longer was it a faceless disease.  It was a reality that hit as close to home as possible!

My family and I took on the challenge of a low-fat diet and exercise a bit begrudgingly.  We knew it had to be done if we were going to beat the odds but, to be honest, it felt impossible the first few months.  Gradually we grew to appreciate our new lifestyle.  We got better at finding and making tasty low-fat meals.  We worked out a routine that allowed us more time for physical activity.  It turned out that living healthy wasn't so bad after all! 

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