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Naturally Lower Cholesterol

Posted by DNA

Direct Nutritional Advantage LLC,Melville, New York 

The company is looking for people who have had their Cholesterol recently tested and received unfavorably high results. If you are interested in participating in our limited study, we will supply free of charge, a 60-day supply of our all-natural supplement XKO3. This is a $100.00 value and all that is asked in return, is for the copies of the documented before and after LDL and triglyceride test results.


Follow these easy steps to lowering your cholesterol to normally healthy levels. 

1.     Contact Direct Nutritional Advantage at:


2.     Send or email a copy of your recently tested Cholesterol results along with

your ship to address


3.     When you receive your free 60-day supply, closely follow the recommended dosage of 2 to 3 Liquifill capsules daily. Taken before each meal.


4.     Upon completion of your 60-day supply, have your cholesterol retested. Send or email a copy of your newly tested and guaranteed lower Cholesterol results


5.     When we receive the results and a written testimonial we will send you anther 60 supply free of charge!


As a potent antioxidant formula, XKO3 delivers to reduce cholesterol, help balance blood sugar and prevent free radical damage. Originally the product was marketed for athletes who maintain elevated free radical levels associated with over training and minor injuries, but word quickly spread about the formulas apparent other benefits. At any age, from any walk of life, you should take advantage of this unique all natural supplement.

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That sounds good, i am intersted...
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