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My first and forever love: Sleep

Posted Jan 08 2008 12:00am

Get ready to celebrate… I actually slept through a full night last night!  This is rare for me these days.  I either can’t sleep, or get to sleep and then wake up after 2 hours and stare at the ceiling —which just leads to crazy thoughts flying around my head.  This is not because I am not tired, it is those annoying anxious thoughts and mainly the fear of going to sleep and not waking up (not to be morbid but, it’s the truth).

I am so happy when I wake up in the morning to find that I’ve slept through a night. AAhhh.  I am a different person, my brain functions, and it’s especially nice to wake up to a day like today when I see that it is Spring in January in NYC. So, I plan to get outside and take a stroll today.

I eagerly await the phone call that says “ok , come to Cleveland tomorrow”.  I really can’t wait.  I feel that we will get to the bottom of a lot of issues when I have my own team there.  If you aren’t familiar with the clinic, check out their website;   I am waiting for a cardiologist over there to assemble a stellar team that will see me while I am there.  We need answers to so many questions! In addition to answers, it would also be an added bonus if they could make my aches and pains go away.  I am feeling much better than this weekend but still hurting.  I force myself to do yoga stretches to keep strong but there isn’t much that subsides this ever present discomfort. I’ve tried almost everything.

Tomorrow is the day we (supposedly) get the phone call to discuss the defib.  Mainly, what my heart MRI showed, when I am scheduled to go in for the procedure, etc…

and so, we wait again….

PS  I talk to my body parts these days to give them a sort of pep talk. This talk is mostly reserved for when I am home or looking in the mirror. But, I’ve found myself actually starting to do this in public places accidentally. haha.  I must look like a real head case when I’m in line at Eckerd, by myself saying “you’re a good heart and I’m happy you’re mine, I can’t wait until you’re back in action”    AAAAND scene.

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