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My Baby's heart and Patent Ductus Arteriosus

Posted by Bhem..Mother of TONET WITH pda

Tonet was diagnosed with PDA when she was like 6 days old. Her pedia discovered a murmur in her heart that she wanted to have the baby undergo an echo. The cardio was able to find out a 5mm PDA and a small 3mm PFO in her heart. It made me feel bad..realy bad that it rises my BP rocketing high to 150/100. The heart doc tor gave her diuretic to let out all the excess water and not to flood my little baby's lungs. So far ,that's the only medication she had since. The doc said shes ok and seems like not affected by the holes. We are advised to repeat the echo when tonet is 1 month old. Somewhere in January ,2010, we went to the hospital for the echo and hurray!the 5mm PDA went down to 3mm and PFO is tstill persistent. It  was a sweet music to my ear when doc said she thinks the holes are closing. She never gave tonet medication for anything but told us to let the nature close the holes. We were advised to have  the echo again when tonet turns 4 months. By this time, the holes might be fully closed and if not, this might definitely not close anymore. It made me feel nervous. I dont want that thing in her heart' to stay. I prayed hard  for those to close.

But just recently,we went for tonet's echo and hurray!the PFO is gone..but the PDA is still persistent in small diameter(2mm). Well, Im still very thankful since the dotor said the baby was ok.The holes were too small to be worried.

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my son had the PDA and ASD discovered right after he was born the ASD closed on its own but they had to close the PDA when he was 8 months old he is now 6 yes it was scary but we did it and i tell you i think he has more energy than my perfectly healthy child and we have had no more trouble out of his heart he has even been cleared to fly he never stops moving 2mm is very small just keep the checkups and youll be fine from the sounds of it you have a good cardio because they are keeping an eye on it as far as it raising your blood pressure try meditation once everyday for about 20 minutes less stress will help keep those numbers down

Hi Nikkie ,

thank you for the tip regarding my BP. you know what? sometimes i feel really bad to think that of all the people ,why i am into this situation...but you know i feel glad to know that a lot of us share the same burden..before i dont understand, but now i begin to understand why... we were meant to have this little angels...and despite everything,,faith must not change and keep on trusting him..,God is always there for all of us..Im happy to know your little boy is ok now...GODBLESS....

its easier to deal with the things life throws at you if you know your not alone and trust me your not there are many message boards of people just like me and you just deal with life as it comes and analyze your thoughts even if you have to do it out loud (sometimes it helps me) and just ask yourself is stressing over this really gonna help if your answer is no give it to your higher power but make sure you let him have it
Tonet is now 3 yrs old.. she'll soon be entering school. The little PDA is still harmlessly there.. No operation was advaised.. just constant check up..thanks GOD for every thing.. To You be All The Glory Lord..!!! YOU LOVE IS EMBRACING US ALWAYS!!!
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