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motocrossing with a defibrillator

Posted by Pierre

I have a medtronics defibrillator, which was implanted 2 yrs. ago.They could find nothing wrong with my heart and suspected a virus.(???)

I enjoy motocrossing as a hobby , however evry time I get on the bike and ride hard, I get a faint feeling. I usually stop and it subsides. The odd time it won't do it. THe one time I didn't stop, it shocked me hard enough to knock me to the ground.

I ride a 450 KTM SXF electric start.

Wondering if anyone out there is in the same situation .

Looking for a solution to shield the bike from the defibrillator as I suspect, the electrical system on the bike is causing my defibrillator to mis read.

Any info, theories and /or suggestions  would be welcome.



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