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Mitral calcifications in a young thin woman? Please help

Posted by Drea

Hi Dr Weiss, I am only 33 yrs old, thin white female, healthy diet. On a recent echo, my cardiologist found mild mitral annular calcifications, plus mild mitral regurg and very slight leaflet thickening. He didnt seem all that concerned but I am scared given my age. What do these calcifications mean? ICan the progression be slowed? And most importantly, is my prognosis bad? I have heard that these calcifications happening in younger people could mean serious heart disease and raises risk of death from heart attack or stroke. I should mention that I have no known heart disease in my family, but I do have a thyroid condition and my endo believes I might tend towards hypercalcemia (some of my serum calcium blood draws have been on the higher side.) Can you help enlighten me? I am pretty freaked out about this. Thanks.
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