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Miracle Pancakes: No Wheat, No Rise in Blood Sugar (as in zero, nada, bupkus)!

Posted Sep 20 2011 12:52pm
The real challenge in going wheat free is to find suitable food alternatives.  I've had little problem with lunch or dinner.  I love sub sandwiches and Jimmy Johns make the UnWich (lettuce wrap instead of bread) and a good Cobb salad always works for me.  Dinner is even less problematic with lean red meats, chicken, fish, and any number of vegetables which I love anyway.

But breakfast?  What to do about toast and pancakes and hashbrowns.  And let's face it, bacon and sausage ain't exactly health food despite being low carb.  Doc Davis convinced me (I was a doubter and an affirmed Ornish low-fat guy at the time) to go low-carb long before his Wheat Belly book burst onto the scene (the numbers don't lie - see this post ).  In the process we both began working on recipes just for ourselves (many ended up in his new book and also the Track Your Plaque program cookbook).

But, the low-carb Holy Grail for me was a "miracle batter" that could replace wheat and allow me to eat things like muffins and pancakes.  Well, after months of testing and tasting, back and forth between Doc Davis' and my kitchen I think we may have it.  Doc D's Miracle Batter as I like to call it (although I tweaked it plenty it was still Doc D's basic recipe - and really - Doc D's Miracle Batter is much catchier name, don't ya think?).

So, where am I going with all this, seeing as how the "recipe" is not quite ready for prime time just yet?  Now that it passes my basic taste test it is ready for the real test.  What would it do to my exqusitely sensitive blood sugar.  Sound the horn please, as I have just completed the first test and the results blew my mind.

Fasting Blood Sugar at 10AM: 87mg/dL (not too bad for a pre-diabetic)

Prepared one serving of pancakes consisting of

1/2 cup of "miracle batter"
1/4 cup almond milk
1 Grade A Jumbo egg
1/4 cup artifically sweetened maple syrup (sweetened with sucralose)

I added the syrup just to "push the envelope" and, well, that's the way I used to eat pancakes as do many others.

Post-prandial Blood Sugar 11:15AM (one hour after consumption): 86mg/dL

WHAT?!  I couldn't believe it so I tested again.  The retest results: 87 mg/dL !!!


Now, one test on one person does not a miracle make.  But it looks awfully good so far!

Looking out for your health,


P.S. Did I mention they taste fantastic?  Pictured above is one test recipe made with blueberries.  Man, like a long cool drink of water to man thirsting in a low-carb desert!
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