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Mediterranean diet helpful for people who already have heart disease

Posted by Misia

A Mediterranen diet not only may prevent the onset of heart disease, but it may also help people who already have heart disease stay healthy, new research from Greece shows.

Researchers looked at a thousand patients who had suffered heart attacks or severe chest pain. Nearly half of them experienced a second heart-related event within two years after their original hospital discharge, but patients with the most Mediterranean-style diets were at 31 percent lower risk of suffering another heart attack or experiencing chest pain during the first month after they were discharged from the hospital.


Find more about this study by going to:

A Mediterranean-style eating has proven itself to be a valid ally in preventing a host of diseases, from heart diseases to cancer, Alzheimer's and diabetes. If you want to discover more about it, its dietary principles, its health benefits and most common recipes, here's a good website:

By signing up and giving information about your lifestyle and food preferences, you can also get a free personalized mediterranean diet based on your nutritional needs and provided by a team of nutritionists from the SISA (Italian Association of Food Science ).

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The Med Diet is very good for improving immune health as well.
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