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maintenance maintenance maintenance

Posted Sep 19 2008 12:00am

some good news:  second day in a row without any stomach pains!  yup, i have been able to eat every meal i wanted for two days now, which is a true milestone for me. huge progress. it’s really exciting.

i definitely attribute it all to the mayan abdominal massage in combo with the acupuncture (we focus on my stomach issues big time there).  the improvement i have seen since i began both of these things has been crazy!  when i compare each month to the past one it’s truly amazing what my body has been able to recover from. i am amazed constantly by the human body and i feel reborn.  i am so happy when i could eat!  although i am still super careful about what i do put into my belly.  i get really scared that something may trigger those terrible terrible pains…

turns out over the past year while we were occupied with my ticker (emergency trips to the hospital, countless procedures, and the like), other parts of my body started to feel neglected as well.  i’ve been having pains in my mouth when i eat so i went to the dentist today after much protest (yes, even after all i’ve been through i am terrified of the dentist.  i prefer the pacemaker/ defibrillator implantation to getting my teeth cleaned).  well, i have six, yes, SIX cavaties!  can you believe?  i mean, they are small but still, this upset me a lot.  it just made me sad for minute thinking about how this was happening because i was so preoccupied with major stuff.  it’s like, i cannot keep up!!  you feel so out of control sometimes all the time.  i had a brief thought of: why am i falling apart at 26?!  but, i pulled it back together and stopped with the negative thoughts.  it’s fine, it’s something we can take care of, and it could very well be from all the meds and chemicals in my body breaking down the enamel of my teeth.  hey, at least we caught them while they are small. let’s patch those suckers up!  i go back next week to get started.  i had to be sure that i told the dentist about my condition (duh) because it’s very important he uses a certain type of anesthetic on my gums —turns out some novacaine shots have epinephrine in it which would cause palpatations. and that’s def not good…

basically, it’s been a week of stuff like this. getting things done, working on the bod.  i am happy when i see results and it keeps me going.  i am definitely smiling as i type this and i am so proud of my ticker for being strong and my body has followed her example.  we are going to do this!  i am going to be 100% again.

i also made an appointment to follow up with dr. K.  i feel enough time has passed since that horrendous visit to her brooklyn office.  i’m not annoyed anymore and i did take a lot of tests that day.  i am interersted in both, the results and dr. K’s feedback.  this time however, i am sticking to the manhattan office and i will most certainly tell her (in a nice way) about my experience that day. yikes.  i see dr. K in two weeks.

here’s to a fantastic weekend.  it is officially autumn in nyc.  the smell and the chill in the air say so.  autumn in nyc is my most favorite time.  last year, this all started in october (we found out my heart was pumping at only 15% on october 16 2007), and i remember feeling so sad because i was missing out on my favorite time to walk around the city.  i cannot wait to take advantage this year and walk everywhere. walk walk walk, that’s what my cardiologist says.  it’s a great goal for me at the perfect time of year.  it only adds to my drive to get the ticker going!

i am going to get lots of rest tonight in hopes of going to meet up with some fellow tumblrs in prospect park tomorrow.  i take each day as it comes, so let’s see how i feel when i wake up.  here’s to feeling good!

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