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Luminations: Lipids HDL2 v. HDL3 and Breast Cancer

Posted Oct 02 2008 9:16pm
Just finished this mini-sprint triathlon for breast cancer.

My friend and I f-i-n-i-s-h-e-d.

And we didn't D-R-O-W-N.

Very important accomplishments :) (Sorry -- no picts -- sorry for the suspense.)

All the literature from the race states breast cancer prevention is 'discovered'! But no mention of mod/high cholesterol, mod/high fats or low glycemic-index eating or vitamin D or fish oil or cruciferous veggies.

WTF?? What are they talking about??! BRCA and Met/Syn (thanx Peter)!?? Carb restrictions?? Eliminate omega-6 (cheap industrial veg oils)??!

All they listed was the estrogenic-pesticides in our 'overly' polluted environment. HELL-o?! People don't eat poisonous pesticides daily.

What people with breast cancer consume daily are carb-wheat/grains- pollution.

People STUFF these in their faces at every meal...

Total USDA whole grain mis-education.

Bagels -- which every fat lady walked in carrying???!! wtf? (I can say that b/c I'm a former fat-lady *hee*)
GU??! High FR**CKIN fructose corn syrup CRPAAA...
Energy bars
No way -- treasure my life... limbs and... boobies (do you?!)

My wheat-whore/friend (who I *love/adore* and am trying to prevent her from killin herself-- has GRAVE's DISEASE) asked me did I bring my Gu?

Hell fr*ckin 'N' 'O' -- I wanted a good race and good fun without bonkin (though I hardly raised my basal heart rate -- maybe the next race). I had nut butter and a couple of eggs that morning. Some high-octane caffeine didn't hurt either.

Whole grain = WHOLE BALONEY

WHOLE grains = WHOLE breast cancer

As Homer says...Duh...

Studies show in breast cancer HDL2 is low and HDL3 high -- wow... just like other proliferative and inflammatory processes like CAD (coronary artery disease).

Again Metabolic Syndrome (which nearly 99% of the world has) and Breast Cancer are associated together -- low HDL2 and high HDL3 and high toxic belly fat. I love Jamba juice -- wanna cup of diabetes? Cuppa breast cancer??! Cuppa mastectomy??! Cuppa radiation/chemo?? Cuppa shortened lifespan?
Yes... was on $*&%$%@ levonorgestrel for the last 3.5 yrs -- which screwed my HDL2b despite the vitamin D and high dose EPA+DHA I take. Synthetic hormones SUCK. Get off them -- as soon as possible and run. Bioidentical is the way to go. Or el naturel -- I'll be bare-foot and preggers soon. YIKES.
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-Dr. 'BG' (aka bloody damn good J/K)
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