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Listening to God

Posted Jan 06 2010 11:26am
holy experience

It's Walk with Him Wednesday and Ann of A Holy Experience has invited us to write about ...listening to God.

First of all, I find it truly amazing that the one true living God who created the universe and every little creature would even want to be in a personal relationship with me. But the Bible tells me He does. And I accepted and received this faith.

When two are in a relationship there is an exchange that takes place.

Consider the marriage relationship. If I did all of the talking and my husband simply listened and never responded, it would be a one sided relationship. It takes a proper amount of speaking and ...listening to one another.

In my relationship with the Lord, I have a tendency at times to do all of the talking. You know, here is my list of requests Lord; like He was some kind of a Santa Claus. How disrespectful is that?

The more I get to know Him though, the more time I desire to spend with Him.

I look forward to my daily morning quiet time. As I come before the Lord in prayer, I praise Him first for who He is. I then thank Him for His presence in my life. I open the Scriptures to read from His Word. There have been times when a particular verse of Scripture seems to leap off the page. It's like God is saying:

"Debbie, pay attention here. I'm speaking to you."

Here are some ways I listen to God:

  • Spend time in prayer
  • Ask the Lord to open my eyes and my ears to all He has for me this day
  • Pray that I would be sensitive to His leading this day
  • Ask His Holy Spirit to teach me as I study His Word
  • Meditate on Scriptures
  • Ask for opportunities to apply what I've learned
  • Reading Christian books from authors who share the truth
  • Listening to sermons from preachers who teach the truth
  • Being quiet enough to hear His still, small voice throughout my day
  • There are times when the Lord awakens me with a song
  • My Christian sisters have shared truth with me and keep me accountable.

How often do you get so busy in our day to day activities and responsibilities that you allow the world to drown out His voice?

Let's not allow this to happen. If you want to live a life that has eternal consequences, it's so important to ...listen to God.

How about you? Do you do all the talking? Or do you spend the time needed to listen?

I look forward to reading your comments. After all, I love to listen to you. LOL.


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