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Learning My Way Around Town

Posted Oct 01 2008 8:56pm
I've always found that the best way to learn my way around a new town is to run it or bike it. So, I'm incorporating my running and biking into figuring out this wacky town.

The runs are like this: I run where I feel like running. If I see other runners, I run in their direction. If traffic is clear in another direction, that's the way I run. And there are a lot of runners in this town, very good runners, who leave an amateur like me in the dust.

Biking has had its hazards so far. I took my bike out this morning early, like 7:45 am, but unfortunately the traffic was already out. Then I headed out to the Charles River, where lots of people were out. Too many people. Then as I hit the end of the path in Cambridge, I had no choice but to cross the river, and then got lost in CONSTRUCTION!!!!! I need to find some better bike routes in Boston.

As for swimming, I joined the YMCA across the street. On days when I'm in a happy mood, I love to swim. When I'm not, like today when I was full of nerves, it wasn't a good swim. In a pool, I'm a prisoner of my thoughts. There's no music and no change in scenery.

Okay.... tomorrow I'll have my computer hooked up to the internet, and I'll post some actual vegan food!!! Today I made a tahini dip with maple syrup and ground flax seeds. Sounds funky but tasted really good. More on that tomorrow.
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