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is something wrong with my back

Posted by jdejuant

i've been getting pain in alot of places and it's kinda crazy I'm only 27 years old but i also know that sickness doesnt have an age so my pains are in my upper left and right arm pit all the time now i get chest pain here and there also pain down my left leg and it also goes to my right leg. Can anyone help but to end this i had a back pain back in 07 in the middle left side and i couldnt even move for about 2 days and they took me off work for about 3 weeks to 4 weeks is this a sign of heart angina or blood vessel issue i had an ekg done back in july and it was fine maybe its a clot somewhere cause i get pain in my leg when i walk and even more when i sit down or lay down but all these pains come when im not doing anything not when im working on a car or on something. to cap it off it seems like i get pain everywhere i have a pulse and i really mean that please respond to this long question thanku
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