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Is It Really A Thankful Thursday?

Posted Oct 10 2008 2:13pm

Can you really be thankful when the circumstances in your life are less than perfect?As I turn on the TV and watch the news, so much is happening in our world...

  • Financial crisis
  • Depressed home values
  • Uncertain retirement savings
  • Presidential election
  • Wall Street "rescue"
  • Accidents
  • Breast cancer
  • Heart disease
  • Child abuse
  • Collapse of the family
These are very real issues and I'm not suggesting we live with our heads in the sand and have a Pollyanna attitude. But if we choose to focus only on the uncertainty and seeming impossibilities, we often miss out on the lesso ns we may need to learn. We can become depressed and miss out on the opportunities we are given each day to grow.

I think of my mom, who died a little over three years ago. She suffered with Addison's disease and had a pain pump implanted in her spine for severe ongoing back pain. And yet, she always managed to tell a joke as she loved to laugh and hated to focus so much on her pain and suffering.

Here is my mom on a visit to Norway goofing off with her cousins. She suffered much with pain but almost never complained and was determined to live her life, despite the challenges.

As I was deciding what to write about on this Thankful Thursday, I clicked on one of the participating blogs Iris (organizer of Thankful Thursday) listed who were participating this week. I just "happened" to choose one called Lori- The Simple Life at Home. Well, little did I know that she lives in Qatar and is dealing with issues like getting stuck in sand dunes, a home that is less than ideal, loneliness, and lack of home school support. And yet...she writes that she's thankful that through it all she's learning contentment and to trust and rely on God.

Wow; so I guess I answered my own question?

Can you be thankful when the circumstances in your life are less than perfect?

YES YOU CAN...if you choose to look for the blessings only God can give and how He often uses people
  • to offer words of encouragement
  • a needed hug
  • a beautiful sunset
  • a rainbow in the sky

I want to make the choice to look for the blessings and also to learn the lessons through the challenges in my life... and to choose to be thankful not only on Thurday, but everyday.

How about you?

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