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is it possible for the heart to swell as U grow older

Posted by Luisa

my friend iz trying for a job abroad nd when he went for his medicals that his heart iz swelling from on e side . His age iz 44

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A person heart can become enlarged for a few reasons, but the heart does not swell simply due to age. It could however be a symptom of something that generall occurs in men over or near the age of 40. 

I always thought having a "big heart" was a good thing!

It would depend on which "side" the heart was swelling and if any other health problems exsist.  The most common reason for swelling or "enlargement" of the left side of the heart is high blood pressure.  Over time, the constant pumping of the left side of your heart (the left ventricle) against high pressure, could cause the muscle to thicken (this wouldn't really be "swelling" so much as "thickening").  Sometimes people don't know thay have high blood pressure, so it goes uncontrolled over a  long period of time.

Folks at age 44 don't normally check their blood pressure regularly and it isn't uncommon to find high blood pressure in this group.

More information would be helpful. 

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