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Is it dangerous to have an elevated heart rate for up to 12 hours while at rest?

Posted by anne1602

I am a 42 year old female, happily married with three happy health children. I am a personal fitness trainer and it good shape. My resting heart rate is 60 and when I do cadio for 30 to 40 minutes my heart rate is 130 to 140, which is normal. About 2 months ago I woke u ... [More] p in the middle of the night and it felt like my heart did a flip in my chest then I felt my heart take off. My heart rate when up to 150 beats for about 20 minutes then went down to 85 for about 15 minutes then went back up to 120 beats. For the next four hours my heart rate went up and down every 15 minutes between 85 and 100 beats. I had no other symptoms. It continued to happen for the next two weeks almost every night then I went to the doctor. EKG was normal and my blood test, CBC, CMP and  TSH came back normal.  I wore a heart monitor for four days and they said that my heart had a normal rhythm even when my heart rate was elevated. Therefore, they concluded that I was having anxiety. I can go for days with a normal heart rate then I will have 2 to 4 days of rapid heart rate usually at night but also during the day. When I exercise my heart rate is its normal 130-140 beats. I cut my coffee back to 16 0z  and no more after noon. I have stopped having a glass of wine in the evening. I don't take any medications. It does feel like I am getting a shot of adrenaline when my heart rate increases, but I do not feel stressed. I have a cold for about 3 days and my heart has been at 75 to 90 beats for 72 hours. Is this dangerous? What can I do to get my heart back to normal? Do I need any other test?
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