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Is clinical cardiology dying or dead ?

Posted May 19 2010 10:34am

Probably , this is  most important question  for a  modern-day cardiologist.

Q : Clinical cardiology as a speciality is  . . .

A.Hale and healthy

B.Dying slowly  and steadily

C.Terminally ill

D.Dead long ago

If your answer is A , it would be a  blatant lie ! If the answer is D , you are a pessimist .

The  real answer could be  somewhere between C and D , more towards  D “

 Why  clinical cardiology has  plunged  in  to  such a sorry state of  affairs  ?

 Why it has become an objectionable sub -speciality among current generation cardiologists ?

You blame it on anything, but the real culprits are pseudomodernity , commercial onslaught and the glamourous mindset of  many cardiologists. In every walk of life  tradition, culture and heritage of the past is preserved except in medicine .There  is rarely a backward journey in medicine  . This ,  in spite  of the fact there are lots of hidden treasures  left by our elders.

Now , cardiology  as a specialty is  in a miserable  state .It has almost become synonymous with putting stents across the obstructive coronary arteries. There is a perception among  juniors (  seniors too ! )  Choosing  clinical cardiology is an inferior  pursuit of cardiology .

Many belive clinical cardiology  means ,  measuring blood pressure , looking at JVP , apical impulse, S1 S2 etc  .Clinical approach  does not end with  Inspection , palpation and auscultation of the  heart .

Then , what could be the defintion for clinical  cardiology in the current era ?

It is the process of application of our mind in toto on the patients symptom and it’s  impact on the overall health  with specific reference to cardiovascular system  .It also refers to  the thought process that will decide the optimal  managemnt strategies .( That puts the patient’s interest first )

In simple terms being clinical , is being sensible  and ethical

For example, a comfortable post MI patient with near normal LV function should be sent home for a later evaluation (If , and only if  he develops significant symptom ) This  is clinical cardiology working at it’s best .

If such a patient is sent to cath lab directly  , clinical cardiology is deemed to have doomed !

Similarly , a patient with Atrial fibrillation with the rapid ventricular rate should receive  digoxin or a beta  or calcium  blocker for rate control as a first measure . If a physician refers such a patient to an  university EP  lab ,  clinical cardiology is deemed to have doomed !

If a patient with ASD with less than 2:1 shunt is adviced device  closure clinical cardiology is considered  failed.

If a patient with renal artery stenosis is blindly stented ,  clinical cardiology is in the highway to death .

If you prescribe a latest generation sartan for your hypertensive patient instead of advising physical activity, diet and lifestyle modification , it implies  clinical cardiology is  given a death sentence and being publically hanged.

 Finally ,   it is the ultimate  mockery of clinical cardiology ,  when a physician diagnoses  cardiac failure  by pro BNP and CVP  , even as the  patient’s lungs are sounding with crackles and the neck veins are violently pounding .

Worse still ,  the same patient miay be  ruled out of cardiac failure  , if  the BNP level  is within normal levels  !

As you  come across   any of  the above situations ,  too often , one  can predict the future of clinical cardiology.

My impression is ,  the mortality  of  clinical cardiology at this point  of time  is ,  it may not survive too long and the  5 year survival  rate appear dismal. Of course ,  in many institutions    especially  the corporate ones ,   it is  already  been packed and sent to the  mortuary !

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