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Insulin and Aging: How Paleo Works

Posted Dec 06 2009 12:24pm

Ai M showed the disparity between insulin changes between oral glucose loading (75 grams glucose) versus a high saturated fat CREAM dosing.

Carb equivalents 75 grams = 5 servings CARBs

Go to for more comparisons.

1 serv CARB = 15 grams

Dairy -- 1 cup milk = ~15 g

Fruit -- 2 bites is about 15 grams (small palm-full).

Grains (~ 15 grams)Oatbran 1/3 cup. Oatmeal 1/3 cup. Bread 1 slice or half-slice depending on the density. Rice 1/3 cup. Pasta 1/3 cup. Broccoli 2-3 cups just kidding but infinitely more compared with grains which have an insanely high-carb density as well as genetic propensity to trigger stress, glucocorticoid and the expression of other 'bad' genes. See prior animal pharm FUNGENUT post HERE .

Legumes (~15 grams)1/2 cup beans

Ai M et al. Clinica Chimica Acta 387 (2008) 36–41. Email me for the PDF if desired.

What is PALEO?
None of the above
--no dairy (except casein-free clarified butter/GHEE or whey protein)
--no grains (corn, oats, gluten (wheat/barley/rye), rice, etc)
--no legumes (beans, soybeans (unlesss soaked+fermented), peanuts)

Please see recent NephroPal post Insulin and Aging: How Paleo Works

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