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Information for Those Being Treated for High Blood Pressure with Thiazide Diuretics

Posted Feb 19 2009 6:31pm 1 Comment

Since many who have atrial fibrillation also have high blood pressure, this interesting new study out of Vanderbilt University Medical Center may be of value to know about.

This study finds that, contrary to the current U.S. hypertension guidelines, thiazide diuretics need to be combined with “potassium-sparing” drugs to reduce sudden cardiac death risk.

Read Caution for Those Being Treated for High Blood Pressure

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I had developed a fixed dose eruption from HCTZ, Lasix and was even expericing some sort of bizarre reaction to Edecrin at 12.5 dosage-non sulfa, non thiazide, just a terrible was taking 2 diuretics which were giving me FDE, blistering on my mouth and now am only taking Micardis 80 mg.  BP has dropped to normal, uric acid level has dropped to 4.4, I quit the Colbenemid...BP now is 110/72..gout is gone and lips are returing to looking like lips again instead of something hideous..I thought I might have Lupus...LOOK AT YOUR DIURETICS GUYS...I love this article..everyone says...well look at ALLHAT..diuretics are the best they are least not for me..they were killing me...I had been on diuretics for 45 years...had gout (now I know it was secondard gout) for 25 years..and I am thin and an exerciser..and a it was not what I was doing in terms of life was the diuretics..

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