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if your baby has a hole in his heart and instead of closing it is increasing in size and he is now puking up blood and his stoo

Posted by sera-jane

My brothers youngest son has "a hole in his little heart".  They live in South AFrica and there seem to be no doctors who specialize in this field. HIs son has been puking for a few months now and they thought this was not normal but keep  getting told it is normal for this age.  This weekend his son began to bring up blood and his stool is extremly dark what does this mean, especially for his condition?
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1. Bleeding in vomit and stool (dark = digested blood) is always bad and the child should go to the hospital.

2. He may have shunts (blood going in the 'wrong' direction) forming/enlarging, so he should see a cardiologist who specializes on congenital malformations.

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