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If you think you are an expert in “ECG diagnosis” of acute coronary syndrome : Please read this !

Posted May 25 2010 9:51am

Once in a while the ACC/AHA comes with knock out articles. Here is a  must read  topic for every cardiologist.

How to diagnose MI in ECG ? Sounds , insulting ?

After reading this you should change the way 12 lead  ECG is looked at . . .

Experts from the article

  • How to make the best of lead AVR  ?  Just invert it and you get a + 30 degree lead which  was hither  to unavailable .A new window of opportunity to diagnose   antero lateral MI .
  • Shuffling  the 12 leads to a have an anatomically contiguous  ECG
  • Know , how to label STEMI  with a  .5mm ST elevation  (Minimal STEMI ?)

And lot more exciting  tips  !

If you  think ,  all these are new stuff in cardiology you are grossly mistaken .These concepts are more than 10 years old (In Sweden it is 25 years old ! )

When  European heart journal published  the article   “Myocardial Infarction redefined ”  in year 2000 many missed out the importance . For those who missed it (just  10 short  years have gone by )    ,  Let us update ourself  at least  in 2010 !

Thanks to ACC and JACC.

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