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i wish the word flutter still reminded me of butterflies….

Posted Apr 27 2008 12:00am

so something scary happened today. 

i had a rough night.  couldn’t sleep or get comfortable the entire night. terrible terrible stomach pains.  i started a new heart med last night and i took it before bed.  i was anxious and fidgety all night which is quite the opposite of what it should do (leave you fatigued and lower your blood pressure). so there is a lot going on and i have no idea what it is.  needless to say i was on edge all day since i did not sleep.  i was still in stomach pain (that test that never happened last week was supposed to address this pain and i am rescheduled for … get this… getting the test done in three weeks from now.  awesome)! 

so i am sitting on the couch and taking it slow when my heart starts having palpatations.  strong fast ones that haven’t happened in quite sometime.  this was followed by a complete draining feeling that came over me and i felt like i was gonna faint:  saw white, blinked really hard to gain focus back, followed by a sweat. if i was standing up i definitely would have fell.  it was scary. i reached out to thomas sitting next to me and told him what just happened.  we took my blood pressure three times… normal!  so, what the heck was this?  atrial flutters? anxiety? something else? of course, my mind spins out of control with worry.  i’m stopping the new med for now and calling the doc tomorrow.  i have to get to the bottom of this. i will NOT go backwards.

just hope i can quiet my mind long enough to sleep tonight :(

until tomorrow!

hope everyone had a restful fun weekend.

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