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i have extreme muscle weakness in my legs, more in my left leg with swelling

Posted by Beck

Over the last year I have lost strength in my muscles most noticable in my legs. My left leg is very bad and has extreme swelling along with it. It is to the point that I find it difficult to climb stairs and simply walking a short distance is a task. I have been getting light headed and have had over all extreme pain in my body. I have experienced my heart racing and a feeling of fullness in the bottom of my throat. If this continues I am afraid I will not be walking in a few moths. I have seen specialists and I do have arthritis in my knees, my lower back and neck. But the doctors say it is normal for my age and requires no attention. I am 48. I have asked my doctor to check my heart and he says he does not think I have heart problems. I feel awful. I have stress and extreme bouts of anxiety. What is going on?
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I am having the knee pain, and pain in my body in general but my knee pain didnt start until I had a maxilerray facial sinus infection and was given a shot of Rocefyin, a shot od steroid, and leavaquin pills.  I had heart surgery my aortia valve was replaced, and ascending anueryzems fixeed 2 of them and 1 by pass. I have gained weight, and all this pain is driving me crazy.  If I were you abd had insurance, I would see another dr and get some different opinions.  I would if I could. Which stress  can cause all sorts of problems.. I wish you well but I would see a cardiologist.  Let us know..Thanks   Jlbp1995
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