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I had 70% blockage, now surgery?

Posted by Rachelle K.

I am a 39 yo woman whos biological father passed away from a massive heart attack [he was adopted in 1934, and cannot find his biological parents] my biological mother now has Conjestive Heart Failure, and I went for a routine check-up at the heart Dr. due from a Heart Murrmer, and Sick Sinis Rythum, which I was placed on Lisinopril 20/25mg once a day, I had been taking it for 7 years, then I went back to my heart Dr. he had retired, so a new one checked me out, a Echo, heart Monator for 24 hrs, and a Nuclear Stress tests he wants done too, I am afraid to get that done, because he already found the blockage with a Echo, so if you were me, would you let the Nuclear Test be done, because he is not a surgeon, and he wants me to go inpatient next Wed. to have the Nucelar Test done inpatient, and have my surery right after?? I am confused as to why he wants a Nuclear tests, after he done all other tests to learn of my blockage? So, I am concidering going into Houston, if I need the surgery, not in Port Arthur, where he wants me to go inpatient next Wed. [Nov 3, 2009] What would you do??? Go on to Houston? Or see the Chief of Cariology in Beaumont Dr. Lambardo? 1 of the 2 I need to choose because I have no clue as to whom will preform my surgery here in Port Artur, texas??
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