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I get very red in the face almost every evening. My left side turns much darker red, and hotter than the right. What could be

Posted by nekiteflyer

I am on no meds other than estradiol for surgically induced menopause ten years ago.  I am 53 years old.  Obese, I drive a tractor-trailer for a living.  Five years ago I had a heart cath that showed my veins were whistle clean despite my obesity.  My blood pressure runs fairly low, 102 over  70.  I quit smoking 10 years ago.  I rarely consume alcohol and absolutely abhor recreationall drugs.  This "evening facial flushing"  is getting really really noticeable.  It is dramatically affected by my exposure to weather, i.e. a windy day,  being out in the cold, or even the slightest exposure to the sun.   As soon as the sun goes down, my face  turns beet red and quite hot to the touch.  It lasts for an hour or so and then subsides.  I have already ruled out "hot flashes"  These evening incidences are MUCH more dramatic and act like they are on a time shedule. with the sun setting
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